Watch: PlayStation Direct introduces flash player to play games, news

Sony is making the flash player a default feature in its PlayStation Direct subscription service, the latest move by the video game giant to take advantage of the new mobile and streaming platforms.

The new feature allows users to download a separate app, such as the app for the PS4 or PS Vita, to play specific games or add news and information to their own games, such a news reader or news app.

It is also an alternative to a third-party app for games on mobile devices.

Users can use the app to browse for news, videos, books, music and other content, as well as to add a link to a game or news item to their PlayStation profile.

It can also automatically search for news and updates for the user’s PlayStation account.

It’s not the first time Sony has rolled out a new flash player for its service.

Last year, the company launched the Play Station Direct app, which allows users of a subscription service to play exclusive games, add news or updates to their profiles and download content.

The app also enables users to add news items to their profile.

The flash player is one of the many ways Sony is giving users access to more content than ever before.

Last year, Sony also launched a new news reader for the PlayStation Vita, which is a separate product than the standalone app that is included with the PS3 and PS4.

The PlayStation app on the Vita also includes news, news alerts, a news guide and a “daily summary” of news stories from a selected selection of news organizations.

The PS4 also launched the Sony News App, a new service that includes a number of news apps that can be accessed via a new PlayStation Home app.

In this app, users can access the latest news, video, podcasts, sports, sports scores, and other news and news-related content from a variety of sources.

The PS4 News app has a similar functionality to the PS Vita app.

The app will be available from the PlayStation Store on September 11 for free for a limited time, but the PS app will cost $10 per month for a subscription, the price that the PS App for the Sony PS4 will be sold at.