Which games should you play on Windows 10?

Windows 10 is coming to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.4 on November 7, but Microsoft hasn’t officially announced which ones to support.

The company’s Gabe Aul says that the goal is to “make sure we have enough games for everyone.”

That includes games that are already in the Windows Store.

“We have games coming out in the fall that are going to be coming out soon,” he said.

“There are games coming in from all around the world, but we have some of the top ones coming out.”

The company also said it will be adding new games for Windows 10.

Aul didn’t say when those games would be available, but he said that the company would make sure the games were up to date “within the next few weeks.”

Microsoft has been working to release games that aren’t available on other platforms like Xbox Live Arcade, and it’s hoping that this will mean that games will run on the new operating system as well.

“I think we’re doing a great job with that,” Aul said.

Microsoft said that it would be adding more games to the Windows 10 Store in the coming months, but it hasn’t released any details about which games.

“It will be a very big year,” Aull said.