Which country is tallest basketball player?

The world’s tallest basketball players are taking their place at the top of a ranking of the tallest basketball athletes in the world.

The rankings were released Wednesday, and the 20-member list features more than 200 countries, with the USA being the only country without a basketball player.

Canada was ranked fourth.

The list, which was compiled by Sports Illustrated, also ranks the world’s best-paid players and the world record holders in the sport.

The full rankings are below: 10.

United States – $24 million per year in income, which includes salary, endorsements and endorsement deals.

Source: Forbes Magazine 10.

Canada – $21 million per season, which is the same salary that the NBA salary cap allows.

Source and more information: The Associated Press 11.

Australia – $17 million per game, which makes it the highest-paid sport in the country.

Source : AP/Reuters 11.

New Zealand – $16.4 million per tournament, which puts it in the middle of the pack in the global rankings.

Source – Sports Illustrated 12.

France – $14.7 million per match, which ranks as the fourth highest-paying sport in France.

Source The Associated