Which are the best TV and radio players?

The most popular television and radio player of all time has been discontinued in Australia, according to a new survey.

The popularity of the Pioneer CP-3 and Pioneer CPX3, which were both discontinued last year, fell by more than 40 per cent to the new CP-5 and CP-6 models, according a survey by The Audio-Technica Company.

The survey was conducted by market research firm Audience Research, which found that more than 80 per cent of Australians had never used either player.

The survey also found that the CP-7 was the most popular player among Australians, with the CP7-series at the top.

But despite the CP5 and the CP6 being discontinued, the CPX7 was still popular with some.

According to the company, nearly one in five people said they would be “firmly in favour of the CP9” in the next year.

The CP-9, which was released last year with an improved sound and improved battery life, was one of the biggest draws to the CP10.

The new CP9 was announced at the launch of the 10th edition of the EBU Music Awards in Melbourne.

“Our aim was to make it easy for players to pick up the new product and it’s exactly what we’ve done,” said Chris Cripps, general manager at the CP company.

The company also confirmed that the new models were coming to stores in March.

“We have a large network of retail stores across Australia where customers can easily pick up their new CP10, CP9, CP7, CPX5 and CX5, and they’ll be available at the same time,” Mr Crippes said.

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