When is the next football player born?

As part of its push to improve its image in the Asia-Pacific region, the Australian Football League (AFL) is also trying to address a long-standing issue in its ranks: the rise of footy players who are born outside the region.

Advertisement It’s the latest in a series of changes it’s made since the AFL was formed in 1901, including a $2.5 million investment in the national team in 2020, and a $1.5 billion investment in stadiums in 2019.

While the NRL has seen the most significant changes in terms of players being born outside its borders, the AFL is now also pushing ahead with a new plan that would see its players come from overseas and be part of the Australian team at their home country.

This week, AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said the league was also looking to make a move in terms the development of players from Australia to the world stage.

“We want to build an A-League in a country like Australia that has great talent,” McLachlin said.

In the wake of the announcement, the number of players born outside Australia has risen to a record 1311, with only 16 coming from the mainland.

The AFL has a lot to prove to its fans in Australia and overseas.

And it is pushing ahead to ensure it continues to build a strong brand in the region and in Australia as a whole.

And the A-league has a number of challenges on its mind as well.

The AFL has spent the last few years overhauling its entire organisation, and the changes are taking place without the support of a centralised body.

Meanwhile, some players are being recruited from overseas without their consent.

But it’s not just the AFL that’s looking to move forward.

It’s also hoping to make some inroads into the game of cricket.

Last week, the Cricinfo cricket website published an article on the progress made by Australian players in international cricket, with a focus on players born in India.

That’s partly because, like the AFL, the league is also looking at expanding the game to include the Pacific Islands and beyond.

If it’s successful, this will be a huge step for the ABL and a big step for cricket in Australia.

According to the report, the players who make up the CSL are mostly from the eastern parts of the country, including the southern states of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

They include a number from the states of NSW and Queensland, and players who were born in Australia, but grew up overseas.

Of those players, the report said, more than 60% were born overseas.

“If you look at the AFL, it’s just the best players that come from Australia,” McLacherlin said on Thursday.

He’s confident that the AFL will continue to grow in the future.

“It’s going to continue to be a success.

We have to continue and improve.”

But as the AFL continues to make major changes to its organisation and its players, it also faces growing pressure from outside groups that want the game in Australia to continue on its own.

AFL CEO Gillon McManus says the league will continue playing cricket until it’s ‘complete’ in 2020.

Earlier this year, the Rugby League International Players Association (RLIPA) released a report detailing the lack of participation of Australian players around the world in the sport.

As part of that, the NRL launched an initiative last year to build its own cricket academy in Canberra.

Rugby league players are now in the minority.

Although the RLIPA is still pushing for a change in the rules to allow Australian players to play in international competitions, there’s a growing recognition of the importance of a growing cricket culture in Australia for the future of the game.

Cricket Australia chief executive Andrew Johns said while it was important for the game and the RLipA to have more Australians playing, it was also important for those who were still not to be seen playing.

With the NRL in the lead on its international agenda, it will also be important to continue the trend of expanding the AFL.

At the same time, it remains to be the case that Australia can continue to thrive without the likes of the NRL.