What You Need To Know About the Google Play Movies App, Movies, and More

Google Play movies is coming to Android smartphones and tablets in September, and it’s a big deal.

The app lets you stream movies and TV shows from your Google TV or Chromecast, which can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet.

For Android devices, it also lets you play videos directly from your browser and stream to other Android devices.

The Google Play app has been around since 2013, and has been the platform for some of the biggest hits of the last decade.

Google Play has been in its current form for more than a year now, but the company says it’s moving towards a more streamlined, more integrated experience that’s better suited for people who only have one device.

The company has announced the first version of Android, which is called Android L, that is meant to give Google Play more of a personal touch.

That means Google will offer its apps on different devices, such as phones and tablets.

And Google says that you’ll be able to stream the Google+ Hangouts Hangouts channel to your phone and tablet.

Google is launching the new Android L app on August 20, and Google says it will be available to download and install from August 29.

The official Google Play Store page lists a few features for the new app: The Google+ Connect app for your Google+ account.

Google+ can now connect with the Google account on your phone.

A Google+ Music integration to add curated playlists to your Google Music account.

A new Play Movies option to stream Google Play videos directly to your Android device.

A better integration with the Android TV remote and the Google Cast app.

For more information about the new Google Play experience, read our Google Play news.