The Wooden Player Who Plays Spiderman

The wooden player who plays Spiderman has played it for as long as anyone can remember.

But not anymore. 

“The game I played as a child is now the thing that has shaped me as a gamer,” said Michael G. Williams, a 40-year-old who plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

The new game, which is free to play, is called Spiderman 2: Back in Action.

Williams has played the game since he was 4 years old and it has become his lifelong passion.

Williams, who is married to a former teammate, said that in high school he wanted to be a doctor.

But he wanted a way to pay his bills while he played.

“I always wanted to work,” he said.

“I had a dream to be in a hospital or something.”

Williams plays SpiderMan in the game.

Williams and his wife have two sons and a daughter.

He said his wife is a huge fan of Spiderman and she has always wanted him to play.

“We’re going to have the best family I could have,” Williams said.

Williams and his husband are planning to host a game of SpiderMan 2 in their backyard on Saturday.