Playing Tetris for a boy with ADHD

A new game called Tetris is making the rounds on the web, but some parents are worried about its potential impact on their children.

Tetris for All is a computer game designed to help children learn and play in a way that’s safe and non-threatening.

The game allows parents to set their child’s age and then choose how many people they want to play with.

Parents can play up to three players and set their children up with friends, a leaderboard and a goal to reach.

Totem-toting children have a better chance of being successful than younger children, the game’s creator, Michael Fung, told CNN.

But some parents don’t like the idea of having their child play Tetris with other kids, and are worried that Tetris could lead to autism, ADHD and other issues.

Here’s how it works:You and your child set up an online group for Tetris, and you and your son set up a team.

You give each other information and rules.

You then set up rules for the other players.

Then you each select a number of players and give them instructions.

Your child is in charge of getting to the other side of the screen, while you and the other player do the math and set up your rules.

The game is a fun way to get kids into the game, Fung said.

But it’s also challenging.

Parents are given the option of starting the game from scratch, or playing a different game and giving their children a more challenging experience.

Parents have complained that the game encourages excessive and repetitive play, and can be a distraction to other activities.

Children with autism, attention deficit disorder and other disabilities may have trouble following simple instructions, and they can have difficulty focusing on the game at all, Fling told CNN in an interview.

Fung said his game is designed to give parents the freedom to make their child their own leader, while also keeping them safe.

“Tetricon’s creators are taking our fears about autism and ADHD into account to give us the freedom and the space to create a fun, safe and caring environment for our children,” he said.

The goal of Tetricon is to give children a chance to play a game that helps them with skills they need to become successful in life, Fong said.

“We want our children to have a sense of accomplishment,” he added.

“That’s what they’re trying to achieve with this game, and that’s what we’re striving to achieve through this as well.”