How to Watch Movies & TV on Your Android Phone

We all have our favorite movies and TV shows on our Android phones, but when it comes to Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, which is the dominant streaming service on Android devices, there’s no easy way to watch them.

We recently shared how to watch Netflix on your Android phone, but we didn’t do a complete guide to Amazon Prime Video, since that service doesn’t officially launch until later this year.

That’s why we’ve added a step-by-step guide to watch Amazon Prime videos on your phone.

Amazon Prime is free, and it’s the only streaming service that will work with your Android device.

But how do you watch Netflix?

This guide will show you how to start streaming Netflix on a rooted Android device, whether it’s a phone or a tablet.

Amazon’s free-to-start Amazon Prime service will cost $14.99 per month and includes all of the basics like the ability to download movies and showings, as well as unlimited movies and shows.

That includes the ability, though, to add up to 50 hours of Netflix-free time per month.

This guide is for Android devices running Jelly Bean and up, so you should be able to watch any video on Amazon Prime, including the streaming service’s most popular series, “Stranger Things.”

We’ll also cover how to add more time to watch movies, but you can use a video blocker like Kodi or the Chromecast to block out the ads.

But if you want more, Amazon has a dedicated Netflix guide, and you can find it at the end of this article.

So, if you’re looking for more information about Amazon Prime’s streaming video, we highly recommend checking out our guide to the streaming services.

The Amazon Prime app on your device will let you watch videos from the company’s library of movies, television shows, and music.

For those who want to stream their favorite movies, Amazon Prime offers its own video service, Amazon Instant Video.

You can add up the amount of time that you want to watch a particular show to your Netflix-supported time limit, and then watch that show through your Android smartphone’s video player.

If you want a little more customization, you can add your own video clips and subtitles.

To watch Netflix, you need to be connected to the Internet.

The easiest way to do that is to download a free Netflix app for your Android handset.

Then, head over to the Netflix site and sign in with your Google account.

Then click on the Netflix button on the left of the page, and choose the option to watch.

If the Netflix app has a link to your Google Account, click it and select your Google ID.

Then hit the play button to start watching.

Amazon will ask you to install the Netflix client on your smartphone.

Once the app is installed, head into the Netflix tab and then choose the service you want, such as “Amazon Prime Video.”

The video you choose should show up in the Netflix home screen on your screen.

If it doesn’t, it’s probably because the video is too old, or there are other issues with the Netflix service.

You’ll also need to confirm that you’re connected to your Amazon account and have access to the account’s settings.

You may have to tap on the “I Accept” button on this screen to accept the terms and conditions.

Once you’re ready to watch, tap on “I accept.”

Then, you should see a message like the one below, which says: “Amazon is a registered trademark of Amazon Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Amazon may use cookies to improve your experience on this website.”

Once you see this, tap “I agree to receive and accept these terms and Conditions.”

Then you can watch the movie or TV show on your home screen.

You might notice that you’ve got a long wait to watch your favorite movie or show.

Amazon recommends using its app, but there are also a few other streaming services that offer a bit more patience.

Netflix is the best of the bunch, but the app can take a few minutes to load.

Amazon Instant is faster and will load faster than Netflix, but it’s not always as quick as the app.

You should check out Amazon’s app before you head over there.

To get a free trial of Netflix, head to the Amazon Instant website and enter the code “BONUS.”

Then hit “go.”

Netflix will ask if you’d like to pay for a free month of the service, and if you accept, you’ll get your first month of Netflix.

Once your first Netflix-watching month is up, you will need to renew your membership.

Once that happens, you might need to wait a bit to see the first Netflix show, “House of Cards,” which premiered in September.

If that show does get added to your queue, you’re good to go.

You won’t see the “Netflix First” button until a couple of weeks later, but if you wait long enough,