How to watch: Everton vs Manchester United live stream on BBC Sport website

You may have missed this but it’s a must-see!

The Premier League live stream kicks off at 19:00 BST on Saturday, May 19, and we’ve put together a handy guide to the action.

It’s a bit of a mix of highlights, away wins and draws, so if you’re looking for a quick read it’s not for you.

It is, however, an important piece of information if you are looking for some insight into how the Premier League is played and how the game has evolved.

You can also catch the action on BBC Radio 5 live, as the BBC Sport team will be on hand for the match.

This will be your last chance to catch the Everton vs United live streaming, as it will end in a replay at 19,30 BST on Sunday. 

How to watch Everton vs Man United live on BBC 5 live (Sunday) Live on BBC Five live, this will be the last chance you’ll be able to watch the Premier Leagues Premier League LIVE stream on a TV screen.

We’ll be live tweeting the live coverage from 19:30 BST, so make sure you get up early to catch it live. 

This is a great opportunity to catch Everton vs West Ham on the Premier league, because it’s the last match of the season for the Hammers and we can’t wait to see how the players go after a tough weekend. 

Live from Goodison Park This fixture is a huge opportunity for Everton vs. West Ham, and it will be a big test for the side who are currently chasing a top-four finish. 

Everton vs West London rivals If you’re in the Manchester area and looking to catch a Premier League match on a screen, this fixture will be perfect. 

Arsenal vs Southampton Arsenal and Southampton will be meeting on Saturday for the first time since the Emirates Cup semi-final last season. 

Southampton vs Arsenal, a 4-1 win Southgate has already revealed that the Premier leagues top-flight fixture will take place on Saturday afternoon, with a televised match at 19 against Arsenal. 

If there’s one thing Arsenal fans will be keen to know, it’s that Arsene Wenger has confirmed the match will be in the FA Cup, rather than the Premier. 

What to expect from Everton vs Southampton, what you need to know about the game Everday, the official Everton blog, has published a new article with all the key details you need on Saturday. 

The two sides are the only teams to have met in the PremierLeague and this is the first meeting between them, so expect a lively fixture. 

In the PremierLeagues top four, Arsenal are semi-finalists with a record of 5-2-2. 

 In addition, Southsion are finalists in the EFL Cup and will be aiming to secure their first title since 2012. 

Arsene Wenger’s side are expected to play a high-tempo, attacking football, and they’ve managed to hold their own against Southampton, Arsenal and West Ham so far this season.