How to play Ready Player 2 (Dawn of the Dead 2) on Windows

The game, which was originally released in the west in 2009, was a smash hit in the east and a critical hit in North America.

The game was a massive success, and with a successful sequel, it’s now expected to be released for the west on October 12, 2018.

The western release date of October 12 is also expected to bring a new IP called Dawn of the Zombie apocalypse, which is also being developed by Ready Player, the same studio that developed the original title.

Dawn of Zombie apocalypse will launch in a similar fashion to the original Dawn of The Dead, with a story similar to that of the first game, but with zombies in a post apocalyptic world.

Dawn Of The Zombie apocalypse is expected to release on October 14, 2018, which means that it’s a good bet that Ready Player will release another zombie game sometime in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Ready Player’s announcement that the western release of Dawn of Death is going to be on October 13?

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Images courtesy of Ready Player and Shutterstock.