How to find your favorite nba players’ oldest age

We all know that it’s possible to get older than we really are.

But when it comes to the NBA, the trendiest age in the game is actually the oldest player.

There’s no better indicator of the longevity of an NBA player than how old they are.

So it’s not surprising that NBA fans are clamoring to find the oldest players.

And, if they’re lucky, they can even find them on the internet.

With that in mind, Recode is compiling a list of every NBA player’s age on their profile page.

For the full list, including every player’s team, please see this Recode article.

Here are the oldest NBA players in the league: • NBA players who have played in at least 60 games since the end of their rookie year: 18 • NBA teams with the oldest starting roster (minimum 150 players): 25 • NBA team with the most starting rosters (minimum 200 players): 24 • NBA player with the longest active contract (minimum 10 years): 32