How to find a great snake bite doctor

Playa bowls is an outdoor snake-bite doctor’s specialty that offers medical care for people and pets of all ages.

Its owners, Mike and Lourdes O’Brien, opened their doors in 2005 and now have two other locations.

Mike said it is the most popular snake bite clinic in the state.

We’ve seen the population go up in the last couple of years, he said.

It’s been good to see the numbers, especially over the past two or three years.

Mike O’Briens’ first snake bite was a rattlesnake bite in 2005.

I never would have imagined it would go to this level.

He said the biggest concern is the potential of a snake bite in a pet or a person.

It can be very painful, he added.

Mike and his wife started playing with snakes and reptiles when they were children, but they have never bitten a rattler.

He has two other snakes he owns, one that is venomous and one that doesn’t.

He said they don’t recommend that you bring snakes into the house, as they can cause the snake to bite you.

They have no problem getting their clients in.

The snakes are all over Playa.

“We have people who just come in to play,” he said, explaining that the number of people who come to them has increased over the years.

While the O’Brains believe that the increase in snake bites is related to the popularity of their snake bite treatment program, Mike said he is more concerned about how snakebite victims will cope if they get bitten.

People don’t want to go in there, he explained.

“They want to stay home.”

A doctor with a good reputation will give you a positive response and you can go home.

A negative response, he warned, can have serious consequences.

If you have an aggressive reaction, that can be even more dangerous, he continued.

“It can lead to an amputation or death.”

They don’t advertise, so it’s hard to know if you’re getting the right snakebite doctor, he suggested.