How to create a new kid and play kitchen in less than a day

A new gadget to make cooking more fun?

A new kid to play?

A cookbook?

A game?

A kids book?

In a world of smartphones, games and iPads, there is a kitchen in every kitchen.

But for a new generation, what to do with the time spent creating these devices?

RTE’s Kevin McNeill and the team at Blooket Play Kitchen have an answer.

“I am really excited about the idea of a kids’ kitchen,” McNeill says.

“It’s so much more than just making stuff for the kids, but it’s really about making things for adults.”

The Blookett Play Kitchen is a two-person DIY project in a simple kitchen, and you can see the whole thing here.

The Blookette Cookbook and the Blookets app can be found on and

They have a cookbook on Amazon and an app on Google Play.

The Bloket PlayKitchen was created by Blooketta and Mikey Blooketts, two designers based in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on the kids kitchen.

“My kids are always asking, ‘What do I put in there?'”

McNeill explains.

“And we’re like, ‘Well, you know, make some fun stuff and go with it.’

And we decided we would build one of our own. “

We went to the Blokett PlayKitchens website and saw that there was a lot of kids’ content.

And we decided we would build one of our own.

And it’s been really fun.”

The cookbook The cookbooks are all hand-written and take around an hour to produce.

They are written by parents or guardians and have an average of around two to three pages.

You’ll need a range of tools to make the recipes, including a knife, spatula, a mixer and a food processor.

“It’s really simple and it’s just a big, sturdy table, with all the tools that you’d need,” McNeil explains.

Blookett has an extensive network of experienced kitchen professionals who have been involved in the creation of children’s cookbooks, including its founder and owner, Michael Blokets, a chef and the father of three.

“The Bloketts have been cooking children’s food for the last 50 years, and they know how to put the kids at ease and create a food that the kids are going to love,” McNeilly says.

For the Bloks, a kids cookbook is just another part of their journey of learning how to make things for kids.

They say that making something with children in mind is a natural progression for them.

“As we grow older, we’re starting to realise that making things that are a bit more interactive, a bit less rigid and a bit different for our own needs is a way of getting kids involved in things that they enjoy,” McGlone explains.

McGlones parents say that it is important for them to be involved in creating new products for kids to enjoy, but they don’t have a specific vision for the cookbook.

“At the moment we’re just thinking about making a book for kids,” McGone says. 

“There are some things we’re going to be adding to the cookbooks that we think are really great, but we’re not in a position to talk about it yet.”

The recipes and the apps are currently available on and and are available for download on the Blochat Play Kitchen website.

Kids will find more about the Blooks book and apps at Blokette