Google Play VLC: The best digital video recorder for gaming

VLC, Google’s free video player for iOS and Android, has just released its latest version, version, which is the last stable release for Android and iOS.VLC 11.1.1 is a bugfix release, according to the VLC team.

It fixes an issue where the audio stream might be dropped on playback in some cases.

The update fixes an internal bug where the player could stop playing the video even after pressing Play, and the playback might continue even after switching off the audio.

This was the second major update for VLC 11 that was released earlier this month.

The team also added a new feature to allow users to disable playback of videos from external sources such as YouTube.

This feature is called ‘play offline’ which allows users to turn on playback of the video offline, rather than playing it from a remote source.

Vladimir Gudkov, the founder of VLC and one of the developers of the company, told The Hindu that the team will keep working on updates in order to improve the user experience.

Google’s YouTube app is one of many apps that use the Google Player for their online video.

The YouTube app supports both Google Play and Apple’s iTunes Store, which means that users can choose to download YouTube videos from both apps, including VLC.

The YouTube app has been around for quite some time and was one of Google’s top features when it first launched.

Since then, the app has become quite popular and has over 7 billion monthly active users.