Google announces ‘rainbow’ play system for iOS and Android

Google is introducing a new play system on its iOS and Google Play for Android devices.

The news comes after Google launched the new Play for Mac app earlier this month and the new iOS app, which includes a ‘Rainbow’ Play system.

The new Play app lets users create their own music, videos and apps and is available on Apple’s iOS and Mac platforms.

The Google Play app also lets users download and play music and other files from the web.

The Play app will be available in a ‘new way’ for Android users when it launches in the coming months, with the aim of providing a new way to interact with the cloud.

The app will offer users a ‘cloudy’ look with an integrated ‘cloud’ interface, with an emphasis on ‘play’.

Users will also be able to upload and share their music files directly from the Play app.

There is also a ‘play’ mode for videos.

Google said it was working to bring the new app to other platforms and in the meantime users can sign up to receive the new ‘rainbows’ feature by following the links below:In the past, Google had only introduced the ‘Rainbows’ play feature for its own iOS and Play for Windows apps, and it has only launched the feature on Windows for a couple of months.

This time, Google is making a major push into the Android space and it is hoping to see the introduction of the ‘rainboom’ feature for Android in the next few months.

Google Play for OSX, iOS and Windows is a free download, and is also available for Android smartphones, tablets and PCs.

It is not yet clear if the new system will be rolled out across the entire iOS and Googlenapp platforms or if it will only be available on Android devices that have a Google account.

Google has previously hinted at plans to roll out the new feature on its own platform, although it has not been clear if that would include Google Play apps for Android phones and tablets.